About TuTu Pour Mon Deux

I am not a seamstress or a fashion designer. I am an ever grateful Mother of two beautiful daughters with a heartfelt desire to give back to those who have helped our family, namely Boston Children’s Hospital.

So how did I wind up designing and selling children’s apparel? It all started with one daughter who is consumed with dress-up and dramatic play, and one little daughter born with a congenital heart defect.

Four days after she was born our daughter Maeley was placed in the surgical care of Dr. Sitaram Emani who would successfully repair her heart. Following the surgery and during the stay at Boston Children’s Hospital, a profound sense of gratitude began to envelop me. I began by thanking Dr. Emani personally, and I was completely inspired by his remark. He responded to my gratitude by saying “it was his privilege to be able to do this work”. In that moment, I knew I needed to offer more.  I was simply unsure how.

The answer to “how can I give back?” came to me months after Maeley’s surgery. One day my daughter Alarice asked if I could sew her pink tutu to her pink shirt. I was happy to, and made one for my niece as well. The girls just loved them. Tutu Pour Mon Deux was born. Please know I am not a seamstress or fashion designer, I have a degree in fine arts and architecture, and continue to express my creativity through freelance interior and architectural design.
I am inspired by Maeley every day.  She is happy, healthy, and proving to us all she will live her life to the fullest. I credit Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Emani and the entire team of nurses and doctors who saved Maeley’s life. Through this business I hope to help raise awareness about congenital heart defects in newborns and children. Personally, this is also an incredible opportunity to instill the importance of giving back to my two young daughters.

Our tutu t-shirts aren’t just for ballerinas.  Girls everywhere are pirouetting in the hippest tutu t-shirt out there. With every tutu sold, Tutu Pour Mon Deux has pledged to donate one-third of the proceeds to Boston Children’s Hospital.

Custom Patches by

Featuring some patches designed by Wayne Gagnon

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